May 31 2015
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31 May 2015,

Into the shadow world I step

not really sure of what I can bear,

looking for some solid answers

to questions that I do not dare.

Stepping into muck and silt,

is a nightmare about to begin?

To look so close is to be scared

of the monster deep within.

Every monster has a shape

I know this one, I’ve seen its face.

I banished it a long time ago,

but with me it has kept its pace.

Shall I prod the sleeping creature?

Am I so prepared?

To face its fangs and stare it down

to meet its eye and not be scared?

Can my monster become a pet,

if I do not run and get upset?

Can I stroke it, calm it, remove its threat?

Face it down and do not sweat?

As I have walked, my shadow world

has held my hand and made me cold.

From one so shunned, can it be twirled

and turned around and be controlled?

If I bring in the sun and turn on the light

make myself warm and hold on tight,

will my shadow world with the monster inside,

turn all gentle and become my guide?

  PaperArtist_2014-07-10_16-46-44 (2)                                                                                                   By  Reshma Prakash

When Reshma isn’t counselling or reading heavy stuff about counselling, she’s pottering around her plants, travelling and dreaming of opening a shelter for cats. She considers herself a world citizen who’s come home to roost with an eclectic collection of critters and creatures that include two children and a husband.

Reshma has a Master’s degree from the U.S. and has worked in New York City as a journalist and in Geneva with the World Health Organization. Using the principles of the humanistic school as a foundation, she is pursuing advanced training in Transactional Analysis. She uses both TA and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in her work.

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