May 31 2015

A taming

31 May 2015,

Into the shadow world I step not really sure of what I can bear, looking for some solid answers to questions that I do […]

April 15 2015

Acceptance is a gift you give someone

15 April 2015,

Is it realistic to expect to be happy and upbeat all the time? Isn’t it normal to sometimes feel sad, frustrated, angry, guilty, anxious […]

March 25 2015

Being remembered for

25 March 2015,

Lately I got in touch with someone from my special ed years. We hadn’t spoken for ages, but were in touch via social media. […]

February 25 2015

With all my heart

25 February 2015,

It was a rushed morning. A morning that demanded every part of my body multi-task. I had to get my child to school, prepare […]

January 16 2015


16 January 2015,

Welcome to Musings Under The Tree, our blog space of free wheeling expression. Sometimes in the form of poetry or prose, verbal or audio-visual, […]