June 30 2015
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30 June 2015,

Change is the only constant in life and its effect is solely controlled by how you react to it. Certain changes leaves you broken, but some changes become your building blocks.


It gushed passed me, unraveling the rhythm of life
As I stumbled to steady my poise.
Rousing the sedentary and the long forgotten
Embarking in an all new adventure

Chasing right through your heart strings
a latent dream.

When it hits you, in a moment
Unexpected and uninvited
Leaving you puzzled of the impact
You curse it long enough not realizing
The power left behind

The power …

To metamorphose
To transcend and to weave…your dreams!

by Sunitha Sivamani


Hi I am Sunitha Sivamani – a therapeutic counsellor, a closet poet, movie buff, cupcake maker, tea sipper, book lover who manages the chaos in the midst of running behind a toddler.

Ms.Sunitha Sivamani is a partner and therapeutic counsellor in The Listening Tree Counselling & Allied Services. She has a dual Masters in Psychotherapy & Counselling and Business Administration, is a Parivarthan Alumni and currently pursuing advanced training in Transactional Analysis and EMDR. In a previous job role, Sunitha has donned the hat of a human resources professional and brings in with her a deep understanding of the strengths and challenges in organizational and employee management.

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