January 16 2015
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16 January 2015,

Welcome to Musings Under The Tree, our blog space of free wheeling expression. Sometimes in the form of poetry or prose, verbal or audio-visual, personal meaning-making or highlighting someone else’s work, here is where we tell the stories that matter to us. We may ponder, observe or dream. Sometimes we may also indulge in a good old satisfying rant for there is freedom under the Tree, a license to be just who we want to be at that moment.

I spin

If I had a story to tell, what would I choose to say?

What would be the beginning and what would be the end?

I could be the hero or I could be the witch,

I could be anything in the stories that I spin.

I could be a woman, lover, child,

Friend, tormentor or wife.

I could hide or be in disguise,

As I weave the warp and weft of my life.

Sometimes in joy, praise or pain

With scorn or under constraint,

I pick through various possibilities

As the story slowly takes shape.

I could be pointless, profound, profane

I could be without form or shape

I could bore you to tears or bring a smile to your face.

For though you are my audience, I really spin for myself

By Reshma Prakash

PaperArtist_2014-07-10_16-46-44 (2)

 When Reshma isn’t counselling or reading heavy stuff about counselling, she’s pottering around her plants, travelling and dreaming of opening a shelter for cats. She considers herself a world citizen who’s come home to roost with an eclectic collection of critters and creatures that include two children and a husband.

Reshma has a Master’s degree from the U.S. and has worked in New York City as a journalist and in Geneva with the World Health Organization. Using the principles of the humanistic school as a foundation, she is pursuing advanced training in Transactional Analysis. She uses both TA and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in her work.

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